Our Vision

Our vision is simple, we want to capture the cinematic integrity of the 70’s. When Scorsese was concocting “TAXI DRIVER”, and films such as “THE FRENCH CONNECTION”, “MARATHON MAN” and “THREE DAYS OF THE CONDOR” wowed us without the fancy tech thrills of today. We write, produce and direct our own projects. 

As filmmakers, bringing the humanity and life out of the stories plays a strong part in our vision for story telling. We want you, the audience, to truly experience the film. If we are able to stir up an emotion, rekindle a memory, or spark thought…. then we have fulfilled our purpose as filmmakers.

We are focused on creating content that challenges the normalcy and acceptance of what we think a film or tv show should be. To showcase that we, as humans, are not perfect (in a classic cinematic way). That the world is not black and white, and that most of us live in the grey zone, doing the best we can with what we have. Where people (because of their environment, experiences or fear), can sometimes do the wrong thing for the right reasons, and even the right thing for the wrong ones. This is where humanity truly has an opportunity to shine.

Each work is on some level, a real exploration of the human spirit. Our stories are about people, not ideals or our own beliefs. The people in our stories are all striving to evolve, advance, to be the best possible version of themselves. Through the art of storytelling we can still remind ourselves that we already have all we need to survive, and flourish as human beings.

Singularity Productions has a project slate of 20+ features that are comprised of romantic comedies, action, dramas, suspense, thrillers; and episodic projects comprised of sitcoms (to remind us that laughter is all around us), shows geared toward children (with their bright colors and simplicity), and dramas/sci-fi/thrillers that engage us while challenging our perceptions of reality and questioning the norms.

Contact us to learn more about our other projects in development and production.